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June 3, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review: “This is a banner issue of Pinyon Review, a tribute to an aging poet who continued to contribute until her passing last month.” Read the Review

May 18, 2017: Pinyon Review Spring Issue For Jean Zipp Poems by: Diane M. Moore, Tom Montag, Joseph H. Vineis, Brennan Scott Clark, Caitlyn N. Mlodzik, Edward J. Rielly, Carla Schwartz, Sara London, Elisabeth Schmeidel, Jean Zipp, Michael Miller, Robert Lake, and Gary Entsminger    Casino Man, Story by Neil Harrison; Great Blue Herons by Steve Friebert

Art & Poetry by Ernest Williamson III; Digital Paintings by Jay Friedenberg

By Invitation, Cover Painting by Les Taylor

September 13, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review:
“In eighty pages of poetry Barnes succeeds in creating direct expressions of profound truths, wisdom that flashes like polished gems. Artistry and amusement entwine throughout this volume.” Read the Review
Starting with remembering the dead, Next in Line then explores ways of living: everyday experiences (post office, theatre, clothing sale, a tree being pollarded) and places (Istanbul, Paris, Cape Cod).  
“Barnes’ subject in these lapidary poems is the ruthless passage of time. ‘Why does hair / grow from his ears, why aren’t his trousers clean,’ asks the poem, as though from within the mind that time has begun to erode. ‘Exactly. A world where beauty no longer counts.’ Except that, figure by figure and line by line, these poems make an impassioned case on behalf of beauty: the beauty of form, the beauty of concision, the beauty of unblinking apprehension.”—Linda Gregerson

October 23, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review: “This volume is a real invocation of the Muse and will keep its freshness and sense of meaning long after reading.” Read the Review

October 10, 2017: Pinyon Review Fall Issue

True West by Gary Lee Entsminger; Poems by: Gary Hotham, Neil Harrison, Michael Miller, John Miller, Joshua Plack, Elisabeth Schmeidel, Stuart Friebert, Don Mager, Yuan Changming, Luci Shaw, & Daye Phillippo

Stopping By Words, Monologue by Kurt Heinzleman; Light Painting Water, Photography by Steve Friebert; Poetry+Art by Diane Moore & Karen Borque, Francine & Gale Tolf, Gary & Susan Entsminger; The Dream Within A Dream, Story by Bill DeArmond; Pines On Fire, Cover Art by Jay Friedenberg

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By Robert B. Shaw

Only the One Sky


June 2016

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By Dabney Stuart


By Gary Hotham

Stone's Throw
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Nov 2016

After the Invocation


By John N. Miller


By Michael Miller

In the Mirror


By Robert Shaw

A Late Spring, and After
October, 2017—Solstice Interview:
Stuart Friebert (author of First & Last Words and Floating Heart), discusses translating the poetry of Austrian, Elisabeth Schmeidel (1945-2012). In 2018, Pinyon will release the translations, Scant Hours, accented by Elisabeth’s artowrk (with permission by daughter Pia Grubbauer). Read the Interview

October 2017—Reading at Malvern Books:

Kurt Heinzelman reads from Whatever You May Say  

Book Launch at Malvern Books, Austin TX.  Watch the Reading on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

August 9, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review:

“The forms of poetry in this volume lead the reader into metaphysical adventures and beyond catalogs of description, exposing the existential within everyday life, as well as musings about the Self.” Read the Review

July 31, 2017: Whatever You May Say   Poems by Kurt Heinzelman

“. . . ghazal, closet drama, haiku, translations, literary allusions, the demotic, to that crazy little dachshund that keeps sleeping on the couch.”—Paul Mariani,

“Strikingly vivid, hilarious and wise, the poems meditate on a range of subjects: sunflowers, barking dogs, Texas landscapes, memory, wars. ”—Wendy Barker

First and Last Words


By Stuart Friebert

The World Doesn't Know You
Poems by Tim Suermondt
“You will marvel at the poems in Suermondt’s collection the way you would marvel at a spring bubbling up from God-knows-where with a water so sweet and clear that you can’t help but cup your hands and drink deeply. Poem after poem brims with exuberant, colloquial, big-hearted insight. Soon you realize that these are Suermondt’s psalms, his praise-songs and love-songs for the lives we manage to eke out of a world that intermingles hopes and fears, glories and misery, and gives us every once in a while a glimpse of a band of sparrows flying overhead “in ordained ragged formation / ever so beautifully.”—FRED MARCHANT

A joyful love of life shines . . . Whether the speaker of the poem is spreading tar on a roof with his father, envisioning Sinatra spurned by a lover, or wearing a Mets cap in a cathedral, the tone is consistently appealing: charmed and charming. The love poems are written with enormous feeling and no sentimentality.”—JOHN SKOYLES

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