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Only the One Sky


June 2016

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By Dabney Stuart

Previous Issues


Nov 2016

After the Invocation


By John N. Miller


By Michael Miller

In the Mirror


By Robert Shaw

A Late Spring, and After
First and Last Words


By Stuart Friebert


May 2017

Pinyon Review

March 14, 2018: Scant Hours: Selected Poems of Elisabeth Schmeidel, Translated by Stuart Friebert: Elisabeth Schmeidel (1945-2012), born in Austria, taught art and wrote seriously and furiously. In a diversity of voices and poetic forms, Scant Hours explores war and violence; relationships with love, family, sickness, inner life.

“With sensitivity and creativity, Stuart Friebert brings Schmeidel’s images and word collages into English; he creates a tone that allows access to the fine voices and moods of Schmeidel’s language.”—Thomas Wild

October, 2017—Solstice Interview: Stuart Friebert: On translating Elisabeth Schmeidel’s poetry Interview by Dzvinia Orlowsky: Stuart Friebert discusses translating the poetry of Austrian, Elisabeth Schmeidel (1945-2012). Read the Interview

October 23, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review: “This volume is a real invocation of the Muse and will keep its freshness and sense of meaning long after reading.” Read the Review

October 10, 2017: Pinyon Review Fall Issue

True West by GL Entsminger; Poems by: G Hotham, N Harrison, M Miller, J Miller, J Plack, E Schmeidel, S Friebert, D Mager, Y Changming, L Shaw, & D Phillippo; Stopping By Words, Monologue by K Heinzleman; Light Painting Water, Photography by S Friebert; Poetry+Art by D Moore & K Borque, F & G Tolf, G & S Entsminger; The Dream Within A Dream, Story by B DeArmond; Pines On Fire, Cover Art by J Friedenberg

November 11, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review: “a poetry collection that carries the reader away with its freshness, its unusually wry and unsentimental tone, the poems unfolding with surprises for the reader that sometimes border on caprice.” Read the Review
November 2, 2017: The World Doesn’t Know You Poems by Tim Suermondt
“A joyful love of life shines ... Whether the speaker of the poem is spreading tar on a roof with his father, envisioning Sinatra spurned by a lover, or wearing a Mets cap in a cathedral, the tone is consistently appealing: charmed and charming. ”—JOHN SKOYLES

November 24, 2017—Brevity & the Art of Haiku:

Gary Hotham, author of Stone’s Throw, speaks to the Eliot Society

Why read or write poetry? Because poetry lets the writer do something with language that other forms can't do. The words and rhythms of a well-crafted poem have the power to alter our vision, and to deepen our delight and wonder at the created world.  Watch and Listen to the Talk

December 27, 2017—A Word’s Worth Review: “Moonflowers, wild beasts, snakes with fangs extended, fairy queens, goblins — creatures from old mythologies and cultures rise from the unconscious of poet and artist.” Read the Review

December 20, 2017: How Still the Riddle Poems by Francine Marie Tolf, Art by Gale Tolf

My golden hair is turning gray, / my sins are sinned, my wild oats flung. / Now’s the time to pen a book / of rhymes for children old and young.”

Francine’s late sister, Gale Tolf, created the artwork, drawing inspiration in myth, legend, and fairytale, a perfect complement to these thoughtful, loving, and life-fulfilling poems.

Next In Line


By Annette Barnes

May 22, 2018: Where the Waters Take You

Poems by Neil Harrison

Wilderness, wildlife, friendship, family, humor, and Harrison’s patient, thoughtful observations suffuse his graceful poems with the beauty and wisdom of living close to the earth:

In response to something like instinct / the first word rises, others follow, / and a new migration begins / the archetypal bid for survival, / direction perhaps predetermined / back at the beginning of time, / soon lines of words almost seem to fly.


By Kurt Heinzelman

Whatever You May Say
Pinyon Review

July 6, 2018: Pinyon Review Summer Issue

MOONS by Steve Friebert

PHOTOGRAPHS by Rob Walton & Sharon Johnson

POETRY by Steve Friebert, Edward Friebert Jr., Gary Lee Entsminger, Rebekah Bloyd, Debra Bacharach, Charles Cantrell, Neil Harrison, Ute von Funcke, Stuart Friebert, John N. Miller, Bruce Lader, Edward J. Rielly, Susan Entsminger, John Abbott, Ed Meek, Diane M. Moore, & Michael Miller

FROZEN DREAMS, Art by Fabrice Poussin

MORE YESTERDAYS, Story by Thomas Elson

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