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Yin Xiaoyuan’s book, Cloud Seeding Agent, will be nominated for a Poetry Society of America Four Quartets Award.


From the Poetry Society of America’s Website:

The Four Quartets Prize is for a unified and complete sequence of poems published in America in a print or online journal, chapbook, or book.


The Four Quartets Prize is first and foremost a celebration of the multi-part poem, which includes entire volumes composed of a unified sequence as well as novels in verse and book-length verse narratives.


Gwendolyn Brooks's sequence A Street in Bronzeville , published as a book in 1945 as well as her The Anniad, published in book form in 1950, are also examples of eligible sequences. 77 Dream Poems (1964) and His Toy, His Dream, His Rest (1968) by John Berryman are other examples.


Three finalists will receive $1,000 each. The winner will receive an additional $20,000.

Cloud Seeding Agent ~ Table of Contents


Ode to Prime Numbers 1

32-bit Color Depth 4

To Kill a Process 6

Plain Text 8

13 Items in the Start Menu 10

A Day among Unacquainted Firewalls 14

Remote Assistance 16

Relative Coordinates of your Divine Self 19

Plane-changing Method 20

3 Views 22

Intersection Lines 26

Alternating Current, either Turbulent or Serene 28

Conservation of Momentum, A Break Even Tragicomedy 30

Centripetal Force 32

Wave-Particle Duality for Existence  34

Azure 17,000 K 36

The Mask and the Meniscus 37

The God Particle, Or a Teaspoon of Unknown Elements 38

Mass and Energy 39

Quantum Walk 40

Circatidal Rhythmus 42

Louis Pasteur and Dextrotartaric Acid, 1848 43

Blood Serum, -37°C 44

Generation-skipping Traits 45

Monascus Red, Rosa Laevigata Michaux Brown 46

Type AB 48

Schwann Cells 51

Brooding over the Dwindling Figure of a Kenai Peninsula Wolf 52

Family Feud or Coevolution 54

Bee Venom, the Thor among Medicines 56

Communication Behaviors 60

The Pineal Body—The 3rd Eye, Degenerated  62

Alleles: Divinity and the Id 64

The Origin of Species 65

A Neighborhood of M’s and N’s, in the Periodic Table  66

Conjugated Effect  68

The Group 0 Elements 70

Carbon-14, the Unyielding Drifters 72

The CO-quette in Blue 73

Two Days and Two Nights of Melezitose 75

Wolfram 76

Allotropes 78

A Post-producer and Hawthorn-addict 81

Coastal Erosion 82

Whirlpools Within Low Key Shots 84

Radial Photography, Human-centered 85

Stuck in Moments, Macro Photography 86

Bulb Photography (Seven Capricious Hours) 87

Rembrandt Lighting or Butterfly Lighting 88

Forced Perspective 90

Armchairs? Crinoline Dresses? This is Called Art Photography 92

A Surrealistic Page is There, Concealed in Everyone’s Mind 94

About the Author 98

List of Photographs 100

About the Artists 101

Praise for Cloud Seeding Agent 102

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