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Incantations to Awaken Utopia from Within

Poems and Art by Madiha Bee

Allow Madiha Bee’s rigorous imagination to liberate you with its ideas and images. Like a jolt of light that can transform, these poems will jolt readers (or journeyers) into opening their eyes, challenging them to vivify their existence. These poems are not easy, but contain such seductive imagery that the reader is enticed to study, with fine rewards, or “with more than beauty to account for their charge.” The Lightworkers paints pictures with words and magical-realism to address complex questions of metaphysics, human relations, and nature. It is a modern mythological journey.

Praise for The Lightworkers

“These are poems that will not just ‘awaken the soul’ but all the senses too. Madiha Bee’s playful and richly vivid illustrations illuminate a poetics of searching energy and sensuous, jewel-like invention: like the electric dreams in her poem ‘Gross National Happiness,’ the whole collection takes her reader on a journey through the heart of contemporary life in all its contradictory complexity.”—Jane Draycott, Oxford University

MADIHA BEE is a poet, artist, and consciousness catalyst currently based in the Middle East. She started her relationship with poetry while studying for a Master’s in Creating Writing at Oxford University and was Longlisted for the $10,000 National Poetry Competition, as well as Shortlisted and Commended for Oxford’s Martin Starkie Prize. Before poetry, Madiha won numerous writing awards, including Macalester’s prestigious Harry Scherman Prize and an Investigative Journalism Prize from the Prague Freedom Foundation, but it was poetry that most inspired her to play with language and create new meanings and mythologies. Her poetry has appeared in Oxford’s Flight Anthology, Oxford Writer’s House, Notes (Icarus, Illicit, Youth), The ISIS, The Syzygy Poetry Journal, Wilderness House Literary Review, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Eternal Remedy, and RiverSedge among other journals.
Madiha studied International & World History at Columbia University and the London School of Economics and Political Science, and worked as a writer at the Office of Queen Rania in Jordan, before discovering her life’s purpose and passion for consciousness, freedom, and awakening.


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