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Number 12: October 2017
True West by Gary Lee Entsminger
Poems by: Gary Hotham, Neil Harrison, Michael Miller, John Miller, Joshua Plack, Elisabeth Schmeidel, Stuart Friebert, Don Mager, Yuan Changming, Luci Shaw, & Daye Phillippo
Stopping By Words, Monologue by Kurt Heinzleman
Light Painting Water, Photography by Steve Friebert
Poetry+Art by Diane Moore & Karen Borque, Francine & Gale Tolf, Gary & Susan Entsminger
The Dream Within A Dream, Story by Bill DeArmond
Pines On Fire, Cover Art by Jay Friedenberg
Full Color, 60 pages, 8.25”x10.75”, $15.00

We consider fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art.
No simultaneous submissions or previously published works.
Submissions are ongoing year-round for Spring and Fall issues. We generally review and notify within 4-6 weeks.
Before submitting, we strongly encourage ordering a copy of the journal to better understand the quality and diversity of the work we publish.
Email submissions and queries to:
Mail submissions to: Pinyon Review Submissions, 23847 V66 Trail, Montrose CO 81403

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Editor: Gary Lee Entsminger
Managing Editor: Susan Entsminger
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