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Poems by Michael Miller

“I read Michael Miller’s poems with great pleasure in their accurate seeing, their assured phrasing, their true and proportionate feeling.”

—Richard Wilbur

Michael Miller’s poems focus on the intimacies and complexities of love, family, waking life, and “the space between dreams.” He continues to show in another insightful book his mastery of the human voice and heart.


In the rear-view mirror

They vanish, the maples

With ice-coated branches

Drawing me back to the magicians

Of childhood who made things

Appear, disappear,

Their top hats and wands

Vivid in the long mirror

Of memory. Innocence still

Lives inside me, silent as

The space between dreams,

Waiting to be pulled out

Of a sleeve, its white wings

Fluttering into the air.


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Into This World (2013): Finely tuned meditations on war, nature, friends, love; cycles of light and dark, fear and hope. One must climb to get to the light; certainty is uncertain.

“No other poet I know writes so beautifully about seasoned love. His poems value clarity, understatement, love in the context of its turbulence, and the accuracy of each detail.”—Stephen Haven

(6"x9" paperback, 88 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-14-4, $16.00).

Lifelines (2014): Michael Miller continues to show his mastery of the human voice and heart, “the known leading to the unknown.”

(6"x9" paperback, 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-26-7, $16.00).

Watercolor by s.e.e. Entsminger

In the Mirror (2016): “These poems focus on the intricacies of love, family, self-awareness, and the cracks between dreams and waking life. In his percipient long poem, “A Woman Alone,” he leads us into the depths of an imaginative ninety-year-old woman as she reflects and comes to terms with her life. ”—Gary Entsminger

(6"x9" paperback, 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-39-7, $16.00).

March 23, 2019—A Word’s Worth Review: “A poet who faces time and dying with profound wisdom, who is at his best writing intimate revelations about relationships and beautifully cultivated love. Miller’s tenderness toward women, infused with humor and melancholy, is interwoven throughout.” Read the Review

Entering the Day (2020): “She remembered the birds singing / In Greek, the plane trees with / Asymmetrical windows opened wide / Between their bare branches,/ The secrets she looked for in / Her father’s beard.” (from “Virginia”)

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