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May 26, 2018—A Word’s Worth Review: “A voice of lucid tones, writing about the natural world and what his clear eyes see in that world. ” Read the Review

May 22, 2018: Where the Waters Take You Poems by Neil Harrison

Wilderness, wildlife, friendship, family, humor, and Harrison’s patient, thoughtful observations suffuse his graceful poems with the beauty and wisdom of living close to the earth.

July 13, 2018—A Word’s Worth Review: “a thought-provoking compendium of poetic voices and forms — a tour de force and a joy to read. ” Read the Review

July 6, 2018: Pinyon Review Summer Issue

MOONS by Steve Friebert; PHOTOGRAPHS by Rob Walton & Sharon Johnson; POETRY by Steve Friebert, Edward Friebert Jr., Gary Lee Entsminger, Rebekah Bloyd, Debra Bacharach, Charles Cantrell, Neil Harrison, Ute von Funcke, Stuart Friebert, John N. Miller, Bruce Lader, Edward J. Rielly, Susan Entsminger, John Abbott, Ed Meek, Diane M. Moore, & Michael Miller; FROZEN DREAMS, Art by Fabrice Poussin; MORE YESTERDAYS, Story by Thomas Elson

October 20, 2018—A Word’s Worth Review: “She is not shy about expressing man’s inhumanity to man in her work; however, she also voices hope for correcting the injustices that exist in societies worldwide.” Read the Review

October 10, 2018: Between Question & Answer:

Selected Poems of Ute von Funcke, Translated by Stuart Friebert

"The reader experiences von Funcke's engagement, her vibrant empathy for the suffering of others, and her search for motives driving the actions of human beings."—Christiane Wyrwa

Stone's Throw


By Michael Miller

In the Mirror


By Robert Shaw

A Late Spring, and After
First and Last Words


By Stuart Friebert


May 2017

Previous Issues


By Annette Barnes


By Kurt Heinzelman

Whatever You May Say
Next In Line
Previous Issues


October 2017


By Tim Suermondt

The World Doesn't Know You


By Gary Hotham

March 23, 2019—A Word’s Worth Review: “A poet who faces time and dying with profound wisdom, who is at his best writing intimate revelations about relationships and beautifully cultivated love.” Read the Review

March 19, 2019: Waking in the Dark Poems by Michael Miller

Michael Miller’s poems focus on the intimacies and complexities of love, family, waking life, and “the space between dreams.” He continues to show in another insightful book his mastery of the human voice and heart.

How Still the Riddle


By Francine Marie Tolf, Art by Gale Tolf

November 23, 2018: Pinyon Review Fall Issue

POETRY by Scott Davidson, Paul Dickey, Gary Lee Entsminger, Matthew Feeney, Stuart Friebert, Gary Hotham, Langji Tianya, Diane M. Moore Jim Morgan, Pan Yu*, Shanshui Ruge, Michael Skau, M. Vasalis*, Wang Ziliang*, and Yin Xiaoyuan; POETRY+ART by Steve Friebert; LUCK OF THE DRAW by Neil Harrison; STUDIO OF THE THREE ARROWS by Robert Elliott & Susan Entsminger; *TRANSLATIONS by Aiju X. Li, Fred Lessing, Yin Xiaoyuan, &  David Young

April 9, 2019: The Old Coastline Selected Poems of M. Vasalis

Translated by Fred Lessing & David Young

Vasalis (1909-1998) was the pen name of a Dutch psychiatrist who specialized in children. Her poems come out of her life, the natural world, profession, and family. Called "the Dutch Elizabeth Bishop," she is one of the most widely read and admired poets of her language and country; cherished for her intensity, intimacy, and cinematic effects.  

May 7, 2019: Pinyon Review Spring Issue

Poems by Alison K. Brody, Lin Marshall Brummels, Gary Lee Entsminger, Susan Entsminger, Ute von Funcke, Neil Harrison, Langji Tianya, John Miller, Diane M. Moore, Rebecca Newth, Mark Sanders, Luci Shaw, Wang Ziliang, Scott Wiggerman, Robert Wilson, Ye Rugang, & Yin Xiaoyuan

Out in the Nebraska Sandhills Paintings by Mark Sanders

His Hand Went Slowly Up & The Birth of Field, Prose by Stuart Friebert

Meeting of the Waters, Historic Photography of Harold A. Taylor by Robert Elliott & Susan Entsminger


By Elisabeth Schmeidel;

Translated by Stuart Friebert

Scant Hours
Four Ravens

June 9, 2019: Four Ravens

Poems by Gary Lee Entsminger

“Without pretense, with the clarity of William Stafford, these poems embrace a wide-ranging reach in subject matter expressed lyrically with original juxtapositions of ideas and words. The voice in these poems pays homage to the past, the present.”—Michael Miller, author of Waking in the Dark

“Four Ravens offer a sense of having come full circle—from experience to memory to all we can know of a life.”—Neil Harrison, author of Where the Waters Take You

“Clearly marked, deeply anchored poems—like a good guide, Entsminger makes sure you don’t fall from the stones across the currents. Accompanied by masterly musical diction, so the words’ tunes embed.”—Stuart Friebert, author of Decanting: Selected & New Poems

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