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Path of Lightning


By Barbara Schmitz

The Wilderness Poetry of Wu Xing


By Peter Waldor

April, 2014, Yeats Poetry Prize Winner:
Miller won 1st Place for his poem, “The Different War” (which was also a finalist for the T.S. Eliot Prize.” Awarded by the Yeats Society, Judge Jessica Greenbaum said: “The internalization of war superimposes itself on the physical gestures of this veteran’s daily life, so that while lifting his son from the sandbox he replays his rescue of a war buddy ...”

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Spilled Milk
April 15, 2014, Now Available:
The poems show Stuart’s wide range of subjects: from baseball to quantum physics, the American southwest to New Zealand, Paul Cézanne to George Herbert. The suggestion of a Chinese influence appears in compressed lyrics. There is also his psychological insight, delight in language and dreams, and his trademark formal variety.
“Dabney Stuart’s poems are remarkable for their unforced intimacy, the ease by which they draw the reader into their ongoing drama of consciousness. ...”—ROBERT B. SHAW
March 27, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: Time's Body is the work of a mature voice, resonating with both eloquence and humor ...
Magical, Fantastical, Alphabetical Soup


By Chuck Taylor

Widow Zion


By Perle Besserman

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Spilled Milk
Intimacies & Other Devices


By Kurt Heinzelman

Pinyon Review
May 5, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: “... in this compelling collection of musings about love, survival, grief, history, and mortality, ... Miller expresses his insights in a clear, definitive voice. Read the Full Review
April 28, 2014, Now Available: In Passing by John N. Miller
Fine, poignant poems easy to read quickly but with the depth to encourage our return time and time again. John N. Miller’s meditations on family, childhood love, grief, mortality, history, and place take us deep into the heart of lives acutely observed. Whether he’s writing about war veterans coming home, fishing with his father, or old friends passed on, his voice is calm and clear, with hope and acknowledgment of what it means to be a thoughtful human being.


September 2013

May 3, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: “... she lives an ordinary, yet extraordinary, life during some of America's toughest seasons … [Zipp] has used her memories, experiences, and her imagination to shape a moving and unforgettable narrative.
April 22, 2014, Now Available:
We see the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression through the eyes of a child in an Ohio steel mill town: splashing in a laundry tub to the rhythm of Mother's piano music; large red quarantine signs on neighborhood doors; no longer the glow from the blast furnaces with the mills shut down; and still Tarzan, Fred and Ginger at weekly matinées.

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Spilled Milk
Wires Over the Homeplace
Spilled Milk
May 31, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: “The poems probe the serious subject of mortality, love, marriage, and family, touching on the truth with good-humored intensity and expressing wisdom gained from past losses, as well as resilience in the face of fierce fear. ...Read the Full Review
May 27, 2014, Now Available: Lifelines by Michael Miller
“I read Michael Miller’s poems with great pleasure in their accurate seeing, their assured phrasing, their true and proportionate feeling.”—RICHARD WILBUR


By Gary Hotham


By Paul Dickey

September 3, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: Pinyon Review ... has gained distinction as a little magazine that nurtures an eclectic group of writers and artists from various parts of the U.S. ...” Read the Full Review
August 25, 2014, Now Available:
Poems by Barbara Schmitz, Gabriella M. Belfiglio, Britny Doane, Michael Miller, Muesser Yeniay, Jean Zipp, Gary Lee Entsminger, Deborah Bacharach, & W.P. Osborn
Fiction by Lisa Sandlin; Book Review by Diane M. Moore
Art by Jay Friedenberg, David H. L. Burton, & Stan Honda


By Stuart Friebert

Floating Heart
June 24, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: “... a diversity of styles ... features the work of poets, writers, and artists that offers readers a glimpse of originality in those who choose to follow their play impulse. ...” Read the Full Review
Poems by Diane M. Moore, Gary Hotham, Ken Fontenot, Nancy Aldrich, David R. Cravens, Anne Carly Abad, Annette Barnes, Stuart Friebert, Jan Conn, Jim Reiss, Luci Shaw, John N. Miller, Chuck Taylor, Peter Waldor, Dabney Stuart, Michael Miller, Gary Lee Entsminger, & W.P. Osborn; Fiction by Paul Dickey & Neil Harrison; & Art by John Tomsick
Pinyon Review
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