Pinyon Publishing

A small book-publishing company, located on the Western Slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains


In addition to traditional publishing,

we accept commission projects for book design and bookbinding,

from simple structures to fine leather bindings.


We also work with clients on a variety of book-related projects:

book design, illustration, book repair/conservation, poetry reading videos, digitizing glass plate photographs ...


Queries welcome. Please no simultaneous submissions.

Gary and Susan Entsminger created Pinyon Publishing in 2008 and publish each year 6-10 unique books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art, including 2 issues per year of Pinyon Review, a full-color journal of celebrating the arts and sciences.

Gary Entsminger (1950-2019) was a writer, naturalist, and computer programmer. He wrote nine programming books, over 100 scientific/technical articles, and computer software that helps scientists understand patterns of biodiversity and biogeography. He wrote two books of poetry, Two Miles West & Four Ravens. And his books with Susan—Fall of ’33, Ophelia’s Ghost, and Remembering the Parables—intertwine fiction, philosophy, history, poetry, and art.  

Susan Entsminger is a writer, artist, and ecologist. She studied botany and French at Humboldt State University and has a PhD in biology from Dartmouth College. Susan's art appears in Gary’s books of poetry as well as Dabney Stuart’s Open the Gates: Poems for Young Readers and Victoria Sullivan’s Why Water Plants Don’t Drown. She studies book arts at the Academy of American Bookbinding. And she designs and constructs Pinyon’s handmade limited editions. Check out her work at Books by the Juniper Sea.

Learn to drink / from a bird / dip look around / inhale a summer breeze / repeat
—gle, July 2019
Learn to drink / from a bird / dip look around / inhale a summer breeze / repeat
—gle, July 2019

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