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        by Harold A. Taylor

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Page last updated: October 21, 2022

All glass plate photographs by Harold A. Taylor. Digital images copyright © 2022 by Pinyon Publishing. No reproduction without permission.

Vintage Yosemite

Vintage Yosemite (2022): Glass Plate Photographs of Early 20th-Century Yosemite. (6"x9" paperback, 162 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-89-2, $35.00).


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William McKinley Group (1548, 6.5”x8.5”)

Columbia and Massachusetts  (1546, 6.5”x8.5”)

This image shows that Harold Taylor visited the Sequoias after his 1902-1907 tenure in Yosemite Valley since the plaque postdates Galen Clark’s death in 1910.

The Old Guard (1545, 6.5”x8.5”)

San Diego (1517, 6.5”x8.5”)

Most Perfect Tree, Alabama (1534, 6.5”x8.5”)

California (1506, 6.5”x8.5”)

Hawaiian Islands (1558, 6.5”x8.5”)

Faithful Couple (1533, 6.5”x8.5”)

Sunset Tree (1535, 6.5”x8.5”)

Longfellow and Whittier with Carriage (1553, 6.5”x8.5”)

Sequoia Road Study (1549, 6.5”x8.5”)

Sequoia Road Study, Diamond Group (1560, 6.5”x8.5”)

Sequoia Road Study (1550, 6.5”x8.5”)

Lower Grove Road (1529, 6.5”x8.5”)

Dead and Living Among the Big Trees (1544, 6.5”x8.5”)

The Base of a Sequoia (1540, 6.5”x8.5”)

Among Giants (1526, 6.5”x8.5”)

Galen Clark (1559, 6.5”x8.5”)